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Why Native Green?

 Here are a few reasons why you can be confident in buying Native Green hemp products.

  • Extraction and filtration: Native Green quality begins with small batch, whole plant extraction. Our method of extraction begins with the harvesting of raw hemp, which is made up of the flower, bud, stems and leaves and uses traditional methods of water and alcohol to dissolve and suspend all the hemp health compounds and the beneficial hemp elements; such as phytonutrients, terpenes, ketones and flavonoids. Next, using a multi–stage filtration process, gradually filter out the unwanted fats, proteins and chlorophyll until a pure, ultra–refined, nearly clear oil remains. This is a slow process, but guarantees the naturally balanced health benefits remain.  Just like the wine and bourbon industries, small batch, quality focused, high integrity manufacturers produce a superior product.
  • How and where the hemp is grown: Native Green uses organically grown hemp from farmers we know personally. Our friends are farming in Kentucky, New York and now also in Michigan. These organic farms grow hemp from clones (seedlings) which we provide, insuring consistency and quality. Like other crops, hemp plants absorb what is in the soil and may become contaminated with metals, minerals, pesticides. Knowing our farmers and site inspecting is the only way to be totally confident in the purity and quality.
  • Independent Testing: At Native Green every batch is sent to an independent certified lab for testing.  We do this to ensure the product meets our quality standards and so our customers can know exactly what they are using. We believe every manufacturer has an obligation to test every batch, regardless of size, to protect their customers and themselves. Integrity is determined by actions, not words.
  • Established and Trusted Company: By choosing Native Green you will be selecting a company with over a decade of successful experience in the natural products business and a stellar record in customer service.  Our customers are our advertising so no customer experience short of excellent is acceptable to us.
  • Fair and Competitive Pricing: Native Green wants you to become a satisfied and repeat customer by providing the absolute best value available anywhere backed by first class customer service. Our reputation is based on honest and fair dealing with our customers. We believe our products will exceed your expectations, hopefully you will too. Ask about our special pricing for veterans and customers with disabilities.