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Broad Spectrum Hemp Extract Oil 1000mg Mint Chocolate Chip

When ordering our Native Green Hemp Oils, you are getting an honest, pure and genuine hemp oil product.

  • Made with Ultra-Refined Organic Broad Spectrum Rich Hemp Extract
  • The Best Possible Hemp Experience:  The more refined and purer the oil, the faster and more completely our bodies can absorb it. In addition, the ultra-refined oil requires only a small amount of natural essential oils for flavor. The Native Green experience is tasty and light
  • Ingredients: MCT (Coconut Oil), Broad Spectrum Organic Hemp Oil Extract, Additional Hemp Extract (Terpenes, Flavonoids, Omega Fatty Acids), Essential Oils, CONTAINS: Tree Nuts (Coconut)
  • This product is non-toxic, contains no psychoactive compounds (THC free), and is safe for human and pet consumption.

Natural Hemp Oil Drops

Natural hemp oil drops offer countless benefits ranging from reducing stress to slowing the progression of inflammation, which may be a leading cause of many diseases such as Alzheimer’s and Arthritis. Hemp oil is rich in healthful compounds and fatty acids, which is the secret behind its impact on an overall improvement of health. Native Green Health’s Natural hemp oil drops are known to induce stress-free and relaxed states of mind in people who take it regularly. If you get anxiety at the thought of public speaking or for a doctor’s appointment, then these drops can be taken for fast mental relief without worrying about intoxication or mental impairment since it’s free from all psychoactive agents.